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THE CASUAL SHEEP – 03.20.2020: Viruses Within the Wrestling Industry

As a virus sweeps across the planet, Associate Editor Goose Mahler calls out some 'viruses' that have plagued the world of pro wrestling

DEADSPIN: Dynamite Kid Leaves Behind One Of Pro Wrestling’s Most Complicated...

Tom Billington’s status as a sociopathic lout is beyond dispute, but his incredible skill as a performer and an influence on future generations of wrestlers isn’t in doubt, either

THE CASUAL SHEEP – 12.07.2018: Simply Dynamite

In this week's edition, Columnist Goose Mahler shares his thoughts on the wrestling career of the late Dynamite Kid


WWE announced Wednesday that former British Bulldog Thomas "Dynamite Kid" Billington died at the age of 60

KAYFABE THEATER: Owen Hart signs to fight The Dynamite Kid

1989 - Despite warnings from Stampede Wrestling officials, the youngest member of the Hart Family agrees to face Dynamite Kid in an unsanctioned match