Tag: Eddie Gilbert

KAYFABE THEATER: Eddie Gilbert – ‘Hot Stuff’ Music Video

A 1980s music video highlighting the lifestyle of the man referred to as "Hot Stuff", set to the song of the same name

KAYFABE THEATER: A Sitdown Interview with Hyatt & Hot Stuff International

Jim Ross sits down to talk with Missy Hyatt, Eddie Gilbert & John Tatum and find out just exactly what kind of 'arrangement' they have in the UWF

KAYFABE THEATER: Eddie Gilbert introduces Steiner & Sting as part of...

Eddie Gilbert announces he's coming out of retirement, he's bringing Rick Steiner and Sting with him, and he's formed a "merger" with Missy Hyatt in the UWF

KAYFABE THEATER: Bruce Prichard interviews Eddie Gilbert & Missy Hyatt

1987 - Hot Stuff and his lady talk to UWF broadcaster Bruce Prichard and say that Gilbert is ready to get back in the ring and compete for championships

KAYFABE THEATER: Eddie Gilbert sets up Cowboy Bill Watts

Hot Stuff comes out to apologize for his recent actions, but it's all a ruse, as he leaves Cowboy Bill Watts to be viciously attacked by The Russians

KAYFABE THEATER: Tommy Rich’s Strange Interview in Memphis

Wildfire Tommy Rich is out with his tag team partner, Eddie Gilbert, and goes on a rambling diatribe about various, random topics

KAYFABE THEATER: Hales feels the fire of Hot Stuff

In Memphis, Eddie Gilbert & Missy Hyatt harass matchmaker Randy Hales at the announce table, and a scuffle leads to Gilbert throwing a fireball in Hales' face

KAYFABE THEATER: Jerry Lawler vs. Eddie Gilbert – Parking Lot Brawl

1988 - When Eddie Gilbert dares to threaten Lance Russell, he finds out that Jerry Lawler's 'long-distance call' wasn't so long distance, after all

KAYFABE THEATER: Jerry Lawler & The New Fabulous Ones

In Memphis, Jerry Lawler brings the New Fabulous Ones (Eddie Gilbert and Tommy Rich) on his show, as they have some fun in this promotional video

KAYFABE THEATER: Hot Stuff International joins forces with The Iceman

UWF announcer Bruce Prichard is in the back with Sting and Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert to get to the bottom of their partnership with Iceman King Parsons