Tag: Eddie Gilbert

KAYFABE THEATER: Rich & Gilbert receive the Tag Team of the...

After a long run as a duo, Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Rich receive an award from the WFIA for tag team excellence, even though they have already spit up and are now feuding

KAYFABE THEATER: Missy Hyatt is Coming to Continental…

A music video package that hails the arrival of one of professional wrestling's sexiest women, Missy Hyatt, to the Continental area

KAYFABE THEATER: Morton comes back to Memphis

1992 - The Unified World Champion Eddie Gilbert happily welcomes Ricky Morton to the territory, but gets a rude awakening from the Rock and Roller

KAYFABE THEATER: Gilbert promises revenge after being burned by Lawler

After being burned by Jerry Lawler in a match at the Mid-South Coliseum, a recovering Eddie Gilbert films an interview, and promises to have the last laugh

KAYFABE THEATER: Eddie Gilbert & Paul E. Dangerously want the World...

1988 - From the Continental Wrestling Federation, Hot Stuff makes his debut, talking about defeating Jerry Lawler and demanding a shot at the AWA World title

KAYFABE THEATER: It’s Eddie Gilbert Day!

In Memphis, Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert and his entourage are out to celebrate his title victory and anoint him the new King of Wrestling

KAYFABE THEATER: Hot Stuff is forced to defend the belt

1987 - When Sting refuses to do Ken Mantell's bidding and face his mentor, Eddie Gilbert, for the UWF TV title, Sam Houston steps in to make a challenge

KAYFABE THEATER: UWF – The Battle of New Orleans

1987 - Sting and Shane Douglas take on Eddie Gilbert and Terry Taylor in a battle so wild that it ends up all the way into the concession stands

KAYFABE THEATER: Shane Douglas debuts in ECW

1993 - Shane Douglas makes his debut in ECW (then Eastern Championship Wrestling), and is quickly embraced by The Dangerous Alliance and Hot Stuff International

KAYFABE THEATER: Eddie & Missy ruin the Trivia Contest

Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt come out to 'help' announcer Lance Russell with the Renegades Rampage Trivia Contest, but they can't resist giving away the answers...