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IMPACT: Eli Drake & LAX vs. Johnny Impact & oVe

It's a six-man, tag team battle in the final main event before Bound for Glory this Sunday in Ottawa


Eli Drake heads to Bound for Glory knowing full well that Impact's roster is full of hungry, young veterans ready to take his Global title


Superstar of MMA and Impact Wrestling, Bobby Lashley speaks with TheGorillaPosition.com as he heads towards Bound for Glory - and samples IMPACT pizza

IMPACT: Johnny IMPACT Gets The Win Against Chris Adonis But…

The number 1 contender gets the win, and continues the momentum heading into Bound For Glory on November 5th in Ottawa

IMPACT! and Crust & Crate Fast Fired Pizza Pub present special...

Stars Bobby Lashley & Eli Drake will help debut the first-ever IMPACT Pizza & Drink at a press conference before Bound for Glory

IMPACT: Johnny Impact Responds to Eli Drake

Johnny Impact talks about his bid to capture the Global Championship on November 5th at Bound For Glory

IMPACT WRESTLING: Eli Drake Vents His Frustrations

Champion Eli Drake is at his wit's end this week, as he talks about how Impact Wrestling is doing everything they can to take his title

ADVENTURES OF A SMARK – 09.21.2017: Re-Shuffling the Impact! Main Event...

Looking at the booking options for the main event stars of Impact Wrestling


Global Heavyweight Champion Eli Drake leads a group of young veterans who make up the foundation that the 'new' GFW is built upon

IMPACT WRESTLING – Eli Drake vs. Matt Sydal

Drake defends his Global Heavyweight title against the high flyer on Impact! this week