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WOMAN ON FIRE – 05.15.2019: Not Everyone Likes Wrestling

This week, columnist Kim Artlip discusses the members of the general public who shun, mock, and disrespect the art of professional wrestling


For two brothers from New Jersey, Impact Wrestling's United We Stand pay per view was a very special and uplifting fan experience

DEADSPIN: WWE Screwed WrestleMania Fans With Blinding Lights

Unfortunately for fans in New Jersey on Sunday night, WWE dropped the ball by obscuring fans’ views with both ring-side pillars and blinding lights

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 03.04.2019: Close Encounters of the...

The overall response to the NXT newcomers has shown that a large percentage of the 'mainstream audience' still hasn't caught on to the Yellow Brand

FORBES: Ronda Rousey Has Become WWE’s New Roman Reigns

It didn't happen overnight, but Ronda Rousey has become WWE's polarizing, female equivalent to The Big Dawg

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 12.17.2018: Boo This Man

If Vince McMahon receives a big cheer when he returns to RAW tonight, it will be the wrong kind of ovation from the fans

FOUND IN THE WILD: Fan Gets Vince McMahon’s Face Tattooed On...

Jim Ross tweeted out a picture of a fan's tattoo, that featured images of iconic 90's characters, the old RAW logo, and an image of the WWE chairman emblazoned on his left buttock

BLEACHER REPORT: Are Marks Looking to Hurt WWE, or Send a...

The actions of the Extreme Rules crowd could have been their way of sending the company a message that the product is in desperate need of an overhaul


Impact Wrestling superfan Miguel Contreras has traveled all over, following the company with AMAZING loyalty for its entire 15-year existence