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TURNBUCKLE TALK – 06.23.2020: Avoiding Controversy

This week Joe & Karl discuss some personal updates as well as New Japan Cup action, independent promotion updates and much more!

THE CASUAL SHEEP – 06.19.2020: How Low Can They Go?

Associate Editor Goose Mahler takes WWE to task for their recent handling of some major controversies

Slideshow: The Purple Thunder of Io Shirai

Lifetime Cauliflower Alley Club Member Paul Stratoti celebrates Io Shirai's NXT Women's Championship win with exclusive photos from Shirai's only CAC appearance!

THE CASUAL SHEEP – 06.05.2020: Ignorance Reigns Supreme

Associate Editor Goose Mahler looks at the stance taken by companies and performers in regards to recent events and Black Lives Matter

WRESTLING THEN & NOW – 06.03.2020

Evan Ginzburg breaks down some of the events happening in the world of pro wrestling social media, and also takes a glimpse at the glory days of the mat world

THE WEEKLY PIPEBOMB – 06.02.2020: The Jeff Hardy Incident

In light of the storyline from the May 29 SmackDown, columnist Lauren Conrad looks at a dark moment in Jeff Hardy's history

JP SHORTS – 06.01.2020: Honor

Senior Editor Jim Phillips is back to discuss how honor in pro wrestling is gained, kept, and lost among fans and performers alike

THE CASUAL SHEEP – 05.29.2020: Is Social Media Ruining Wrestling?

Associate Editor Goose Mahler examines the ugly use of social media in pro wrestling recently and how many of these matters can be prevented

WRESTLING THEN & NOW – 05.20.2020: Remembering Shad Gaspard & More

The Associate Producer of 'The Wrestler' and '350 Days' drops in for his weekly take on the world of professional wrestling

TURNBUCKLE TALK – 05.19.2020: Hitting The Turnbuckle

This week, Big Joe and Karl Karufel are joined by Michael Jargo and Ric Vickrey discussing how NJPW is handling COVID-19, AEW and much more!