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TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… JUNE 28TH: Mankind and The Undertaker...

Mankind and The Undertaker face off in Hell in the Cell , in one of the most memorable matches of all time

FORBES: WWE Leaves Both Seth Rollins & Bray Wyatt Looking Weak...

One of the most important weeks in wrestling history ended with a resounding dud, thanks to a downright odd Hell in a Cell finale between The Fiend and Seth Rollins. 

WWE: Seth Rollins hits The Fiend with a Stomp | ...

Inside the career-altering Hell in a Cell structure, The Architect dares to go head-to-head with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… OCT 5th: Kane makes his debut...

During the WWF's first-ever Hell in a Cell match, Glenn Jacobs debuts as Kane, and tears the door off the cage to go after his 'brother', The Undertaker

BLEACHER REPORT: The Undertaker Should Attack The Fiend at Hell in...

The Undertaker should emerge from beneath the ring, and drag The Fiend into the depths of hell

DEADSPIN: How WWE Cheapened Hell In A Cell

Several factors have come into play over its 21 year history that have made "WWE's Most Dangerous Environment" not quite what it used to be

THE RINGER: The Road to Hell

A preview of WWE ‘Hell in a Cell’ which, for all its good intentions, is a pit stop on the way to the next three major events

THE AVERAGE MARKS PODCAST – 09.09.2018: Episode #43

Mikey & Patrick will talk about their upcoming Hell In The Cell PPV battle with Pro Wrestling Scorecards, All In, Brock Lesnar's UFC contract status and more!

THE RHODES SCHOLAR – 10.26.2017: How SPECIAL are ‘Special Matches’ Now?

Once reserved for ending feuds and settling scores, violent gimmick matches are becoming far too commonplace to be effective

FOUND IN THE WILD: Superstar Scolds Shane

Former WWWF World Champion Superstar Billy Graham oddly criticizes Shane-O-Mac on Twitter