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MOVIE REVIEW: “Fighting With My Family”

The latest production from WWE Studios and The Rock, “Fighting With My Family”, sports a strong cast, but falls a little short on telling Paige’s story

ESPN: John Cena reflects on the prospect of WWE retirement

With just 13 televised matches in 2018, it's clear the wind-down to his WWE career has begun for the multi-time champion, wrestling icon, and budding Hollywood star

John Cena Named Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award Recipient

The 41-year-old WWE star will receive the 2018 Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award in honor of his leadership as a philanthropist

ESPN: David Arquette enjoys unlikely return to the world of pro...

After a failed publicity stunt landed him the WCW World title nearly 20 years ago, the Hollywood star is back to prove that he's NOT a wrestling punchline

Trailer for “Bumblebee” featuring John Cena

The latest clip from the upcoming Paramount Pictures release that's scheduled to hit theaters in time for Christmas

BREAKING IN – 10.23.2018: Matt Cimber

This week, a discussion with Matt Cimber - Hollywood director, former husband of Jayne Mansfield, and one of the men behind the original G.L.O.W. series

BLEACHER REPORT: WWE Must Book Triple H vs. Batista at WrestleMania...

The celebration of 1,000 episodes of SmackDown was a trip down memory lane, but the teased tension between Triple H and Batista that must lead to a match

GOING HOME – 10.13.2018: The Movie Episode

On this week’s show, The Gorilla Position Editors Ryan Boman and Michael Melchor discuss the natural connection between pro wrestling and film

Braun Strowman Featured in Trailer for New Will Ferrell Movie

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have matched wits with a number of criminal masterminds, but now they have to battle The Monster Among Men

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 09.17.2018: Coming Soon… The Rock...

Everyone loves a good sequel, and The Rock's daughter is already taking steps to write the next chapter in her family's legendary story