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THE HITTING THE MARKS PODCAST – 05.10.2019: Smackdown Presents RAW

Ric & Jargo are back with the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast, and are joined this week by @MadCrazyness 8 Trac Black of the #PWHustle Zone

TURNBUCKLE TALK – 04.16.2019: Dream Matches… And No, Hogan vs Cena...

On this week’s episode, Joe & Karl talk about Sasha Banks reportedly asking for her release, AEW possibly going to a Turner Network, creative changes in WWE, and more

THE HITTING THE MARKS PODCAST – 04.12.2019: Around The World In...

Ric and Jargo are back to talk a little bit of everything, from AEW to ROH, NJPW, NWA, WWE and more