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WOMAN ON FIRE – 06.19.2019: Now is The Best Time for...

Columnist Kim Artlip highlights all the amazing wrestling and exciting promotions going on in the Sunshine State in the Summer of 2019

THE RUDO FILES – 06.11.2019: A Conversation with Ignite Wrestling Promoter...

Ignite Wrestling promoter and TGP contributor Kim Artlip gave us a few minutes to pick her mind on the state of indie wrestling, WWE's woes and who rocks the robe better: Robert Roode or Charlotte Flair

WOMAN ON FIRE – 06.05.2019: Those Random Cameo Moments

This week, Ignite Wrestling promoter Kim Artlip discusses how at any time, an independent show can become a Pandora's Box full of surprises

WOMAN ON FIRE – 05.29.2019: Do You Really Support Indy Wrestling?

Columnist Kim Artlip talks about how many fans may support indy wrestling emotionally, but not financially

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Ignite Wrestling Promoter Kim Artlip discusses the best steps for a promotion to take after staging a huge event

WOMAN ON FIRE – 05.15.2019: Not Everyone Likes Wrestling

This week, columnist Kim Artlip discusses the members of the general public who shun, mock, and disrespect the art of professional wrestling

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Ignite Wrestling promoter Kim Artlip gives her take on the proper ways to 'paper the town' ahead of an event

WOMAN ON FIRE – 05.01.2019: Everything in Life isn’t Free

Ignite Wrestling promoter Kim Artlip returns to discuss people in the wrestling business who want everything 'on the house'

WOMAN ON FIRE – 04.24.2019: The Scourge of the Bad Indy...

Ignite Wrestling promoter Kim Artlip returns to discuss the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly, when it comes to mouthpieces and cornermen

WOMAN ON FIRE – 04.10.2019: Permission is for Pansies

At the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, Torrie Wilson made a powerful statement, proving why she deserves to be honored among wrestling's finest performers