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IMPACT: Johnny Impact & Brian Cage EXPLODE Ahead of Homecoming Main...

After losing to the Lucha Bros in the main event, Johnny IMPACT & Brian Cage try to tear each other apart, creating a chaotic scene


The Impact World Champion has seemingly done it all - from wrestling, to Hollywood, to last names. On January 6th, he will carry his company's torch back to Nashville for Homecoming as it's standard-bearer

IMPACT: Fenix vs Santana | Dec 13, 2018

Fenix and Santana absolutely tear it up in this wild matchup that could provide a preview of the Tag Team Title match at Homecoming

IMPACT: Brian Cage Saves Johnny & Taya from DOOMSDAY | Dec...

As matters devolve into violent madness after the main event, Brian Cage hits the ring to make the save for Johnny IMPACT and his wife, Taya Valkyrie!

IMPACT: LAX Issues A Title Match Challenge To The Lucha Bros...

LAX want the best competition in the world, so they take the initiative to challenge Pentagon Jr & Fenix to a Tag Team Title match at Homecoming

IMPACT: Killer Kross Offers His Services to Johnny Impact | Nov...

Humbled by his defeat last week at the hands of Johnny IMPACT, Killer Kross offers his services as a bodyguard to the uninterested World Champion

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 11.12.2018: Power & Grace

Impact Wrestling's Jordynne Grace looks like the next, surefire star in the Knockouts Division, after an impressive debut last week

IMPACT: Killer Kross’ TERRIFYING Doomsday Premonition | Nov 1, 2018

Killer Kross has a terrifying and visceral outlook on the world, and he intends on bringing pain and annihilation to Johnny Impact next week at Final Hour

IMPACT: Johnny Impact vs Fenix: World Championship Match | Oct 25,...

Fenix and Johnny IMPACT put on a dazzling display in an action-packed main event with the World Championship hanging in the balance

IMPACT! on Pop has a new time slot starting next week

IMPACT Wrestling has posted the following statement, regarding their timeslot change that takes effect next week