Tag: Intergender Wrestling

THE CASUAL SHEEP – 07.19.2019: Rambling Rants

This week, columnist Goose Mahler gets some random topics off his chest, and takes to task some people in the wrestling world

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 02.11.2019: Could a Woman be...

With inter--gender matches now commonplace in the indys, and WWE exploring the possibility - Will there come a time when a woman will rule as a major federation's World Champion?

ESPN: The Scripted, Safe, but Violent World of Intergender Wrestling

The optics of intergender wrestling can be shocking. But those who participate say pitting women against men in the ring is a step toward equality

TALES FROM THE MAT – 06.14.2018: Battle of the Sexes –...

This week, Impact referee Kris Levin takes a look at the growth of intergender wrestling, and how the perceptions about the concept are changing