Tag: Interview

KAYFABE THEATER: Sting & Nikita are ready for the Horsemen

1988 - Sting talks with Jim Ross, saying he's tired of The Horsemen's tactics, and Nikita Koloff says he'll be there to have his tag team partner's back

KAYFABE THEATER: Lord Alfred Hayes introduces ‘King James Valiant’

Lord Alfred Hayes is in the Carolinas, and he says he wants to bring in a true, royal gentleman. So, he introduces a very calm and demure Jimmy Valiant

KAYFABE THEATER: Ernie Ladd talks about facing Andre the Giant

From Leroy McGuirk's Tri-State Wrestling, Ernie Ladd does an interview with Reeser Bowden, and says that he isn't intimidated by by The Eighth Wonder of the World

KAYFABE THEATER: Roddy Piper Interview in Florida

1983 - During his short stay in the Florida territory, Roddy Piper does an interview with Gordon Solie and talks trash to the entire Sunshine State roster

KAYFABE THEATER: Paul E. Dangerously Interviews Ted E. Bear

In one of the great, comedic moments of his early career, Paul Heyman uses an AWA interview segment to talk to his little, stuffed buddy

KAYFABE THEATER: A Sitdown Interview with Hyatt & Hot Stuff International

Jim Ross sits down to talk with Missy Hyatt, Eddie Gilbert & John Tatum and find out just exactly what kind of 'arrangement' they have in the UWF

KAYFABE THEATER: Tony Atlas Demonstrates His Superhuman Strength

1978 - During a feat of strength demonstration for Ken Patera, Atlas bends a bar and then challenges for The Olympian's Mid-Atlantic title

KAYFABE THEATER: Roddy Piper and Dick Slater brawl in the WPCQ...

In Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, a face-off between Dirty Dick and The Rowdy One leads to a scuffle, as the two fight past Bob Caudle and into the ring

KAYFABE THEATER: JJ Dillon warns Dusty Rhodes, Ole Anderson & Lex...

JJ Dillon looks into the camera and tells Ole Anderson, Lex Luger and Dusty Rhodes that their time will be up on Saturday Night in the Omni.

KAYFABE THEATER: The Freebirds debut in Memphis

Lance Russell talks to a new team to the area and says Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes will be taking on Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler