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THE GLORIFIED JOBBER – 05.18.2018: The Great Cena Debate

With John Cena slowly heading off into the sunset, commentator Jason Fink asks: Would he really have a greater legacy if he had taken a chance as a heel?

THE GLORIFIED JOBBER – 05.11.2018: Penalty Kicks

Commentator Jason Fink takes a look at how WWE has flattened out recently, and why the company needs to take a time out and get back to basics

THE GLORIFIED JOBBER – 05.04.2018: Ending it All

Columnist Jason Fink longs for the days when a devastating finishing maneuver was actually devastating enough to finish a match

THE GLORIFIED JOBBER – 04.27.2018: You Gotta Respect The Wooo

St. Louisan Jason Fink notes that some mainstream fans have taken exception to Ric Flair's signature 'Wooo!' at regular sporting events

THE GLORIFIED JOBBER – 04.20.2018: Massive Memories

In the wake of the HBO documentary, St. Louis sportscaster Jason Fink makes his debut at TheGorillaPosition, discussing his memories of Andre the Giant

KFNS RADIO: TGP Editor in Chief Ryan Boman talks WrestleMania Weekend

Listen as The Editor in Chief joins show hosts Dave Rapp & Jason Fink on 590 THE FAN in St. Louis to discuss the events surrounding WrestleMania