Tag: Jimmy Valiant

KAYFABE THEATER: The Boogie Woogie Man plants a kiss on Tony...

Jimmy Valiant conducts an interview with Tony Schiavone, then wraps things up by giving the announcer a giant kiss.

KAYFABE THEATER: Lord Alfred Hayes introduces ‘King James Valiant’

Lord Alfred Hayes is in the Carolinas, and he says he wants to bring in a true, royal gentleman. So, he introduces a very calm and demure Jimmy Valiant

KAYFABE THEATER: Jimmy Valiant Tries To Court Miss Linda

The Boogie Woogie Man interrupts Adrian Street twice in order to bring flowers to Miss Linda, and The Exotic one goes on the attack

KAYFABE THEATER: The Boogie Woogie Man lends Dusty Rhodes a little...

Dusty Rhodes has been beaten, injured and left alone... So, The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant offers one of his 'street ladies' to comfort The Dream

KAYFABE THEATER: Jimmy Valiant confronts The Great Kabuki

In this interview from Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on WPCQ-TV, Jimmy Valiant is looking for revenge on The Great Kabuki and Gary Hart, after they badmouth America

KAYFABE THEATER: Pistol Pez turns on The Boogie Woogie Man

During the midst of his long-running war with Paul Jones' Army, Jimmy Valiant thought he could count on Pez Whatley. That is... until this shocking attack

KAYFABE THEATER: Jimmy Valiant Answers The One Man Gang’s $5,000 Bodyslam...

WPCQ-TV: The One Man Gang & Oliver Humperdink say they will give five grand to anyone who can slam the big man & Jimmy Valiant comes out to challenge for it

KAYFABE THEATER: Boogie Woogie Man & The Dream are leading the...

Dusty Rhodes and Jimmy Valiant are joined in an interview by Thunderbolt Patterson, Tommy Rich, and Magnum TA as they discuss their upcoming plans together

KAYFABE THEATER: Will Big Mama Lose Her Hair?

The Boogie Woogie Man comes out to give an interview, saying he's willing to put the hair of Big Mama on the line at Starrcade 1986

KAYFABE THEATER: Jimmy Valiant puts his War Paint on

The Boogie Woogie Man has gotten dead serious, and says that he's coming for Paul Jones, Abdullah the Butcher, and the rest of the Army