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FORBES: WWE Is Planning A Shocking Babyface Push

According to a recent report, former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal is in line for a massive push on Monday Night Raw

SMACKDOWN: Mahal Battles the Glorious One for the Gold | ...

Bobby Roode took on The Modern Day Maharaja in a hard-fought tournament final to crown the new WWE United States Champion

BLEACHER REPORT: 5 WWE Stars Who Could Be the Jinder Mahal...

The Modern Day Maharaja had the greatest year of his career in 2017. Chris Mueller looks at who is poised to be this year's breakout star in WWE

BLEACHER REPORT: Analyzing AJ Styles’ Best Potential WrestleMania Foes

After finishing off Jinder Mahal at Clash of Champions, AJ Styles looks to take the WWE Title to WrestleMania... but who should he face along the way?

WWE: AJ Styles retains at Clash of the Champions | Dec....

The WWE Champion fights through the pain and the odds to vanquish the Modern-Day Maharajah last night in Boston

SMACKDOWN: AJ Styles calls out Jinder Mahal for a re-match |...

After his epic Survivor Series match against Brock Lesnar, The Phenomenal One attempts to beat Jinder Mahal to the punch by proposing a WWE Title rematch

RAW: The Beast answers the Challenge

Brock Lesnar sets his sights on the “pretender”, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, after The Maharajah called him out on Smackdown Live

SMACKDOWN: AJ Styles interrupts Jinder Mahal’s challenge to Brock Lesnar

When The Maharajah calls out Brock Lesnar because there's 'no competition' on Smackdown, the Phenomenal One takes exception

THE RHODES SCHOLAR – 10.04.2017: It Really IS a New Day…

Several WWE competitors will be breaking new ground when Hell in a Cell takes place this Sunday

CLIPPED: Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura team up on Smackdown

One week away from their showdown for a WWE title shot, The King of Strong Style and The Viper join forces against Rusev and Jinder Mahal