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Jinder Mahal to walk out with UFC’s First Indian Prospect

Reportedly, the WWE Champion will accompany Arjan Singh Bhullar to the Octagon at UFC 215

CLIPPED: Great Khali returns to assist Jinder Mahal at WWE Battleground...

The man who invented the Punjabi Prison match re-appears to help The Modern Day Majarajah retain the WWE title.


'JINDER EQUALITY' - Bayani Domingo delves into the Jinder Mahal title reign from a wrestling, social and political perspective.

CLIPPED: Randy Orton declares winning his only option at WWE Money...

As we head toward Smackdown's June pay-per-view, The Viper vows to regain his title from Jinder Mahal.

THE BOOKING REPORT – 05.29.2017: Jinder Mahal’s Title Reign

The mysterious Unemployed Booker returns from the shadows to lay out a plan for The Maharajah.

CLIPPED: Will WWE Feed Jinder Mahal To John Cena?

Will The Maharajah eventually fall at the hands of Super Cena? The Solomonster discusses what might be the inevitable ending to Mahal's title reign.

Taking a Look Back at Backlash 2017

Examining the fallout of the weekend in Chi-Town.