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Killer Kross to appear for MLW on Feb 1st in Philly

MLW today announced newly minted free agent Killer Kross will compete at MLW: FIGHTLAND at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia

IMPACT: Killer Kross Gives a TERRIFYING Sermon at Church! | July...

Killer Kross issues a TERRIFYING warning to Eddie Edwards ahead of their First Blood match at Slammiversary in the form of an eerie sermon

IMPACT: Johnny IMPACT Viciously BETRAYS Brian Cage! | Mar 15, 2019

The highly-anticipated World Title rematch between Johnny IMPACT and Brian Cage is derailed by Killer Kross, but things aren't exactly as they seem...

IMPACT: Johnny Impact vs Brian Cage vs Killer Kross vs Moose:...

The IMPACT World Championship is on the line in a COLOSSAL main event as Johnny IMPACT takes on Moose, Killer Kross and Brian Cage in a four-way battle

IMPACT: Killer Kross Promises to Annihilate Johnny Impact

Killer Kross has some terrifying words for Johnny IMPACT ahead of their World Title main event showdown on Friday

FANSIDED: Is Brian Cage the Next Impact World Champion?

At both Homecoming and last night on Pursuit, fans showered Brian Cage with chants of “next World Champ.” How soon could we see it happen?

IMPACT: Tempers EXPLODE Between Johnny IMPACT, Brian Cage & Killer Kross!...

Brian Cage demands a rematch against Johnny IMPACT before the maniacal Killer Kross interrupts and all hell breaks loose!

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 01.07.2019: The Presence of a...

As the cold and calculating Killer Kross leaves bodies in his wake, his stock continues to rise with the Impact Wrestling audience


The Impact World Champion has seemingly done it all - from wrestling, to Hollywood, to last names. On January 6th, he will carry his company's torch back to Nashville for Homecoming as it's standard-bearer

IMPACT: Killer Kross Offers His Services to Johnny Impact | Nov...

Humbled by his defeat last week at the hands of Johnny IMPACT, Killer Kross offers his services as a bodyguard to the uninterested World Champion