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IMPACT: Is Daga The New Member of LAX? | Aug 9,...

Daga teams with Ortiz to take on The North for the Tag Team Championships in a CRAZY main event! Is this the new LAX?

IMPACT: The Rascalz Step To LAX And Get STOMPED OUT!

The Rascalz step up to LAX and demand a rematch for the Tag Team Titles, and they get it...but not before they get stomped out!

IMPACT: Did The Rascalz Win The Tag Team Titles? | June...

LAX are SHOCKED at the controversial finish to their wild Tag Team Championship main event against The Rascalz!


For two brothers from New Jersey, Impact Wrestling's United We Stand pay per view was a very special and uplifting fan experience

IMPACT: Lucha Bros Lay a Vicious Beatdown on LAX | Apr...

Pentagon Jr & Fenix aim to return the favor to LAX by delivering a VICIOUS beating after their main event match

IMPACT: Lucha Bros Get UNMASKED by LAX! | Feb 22, 2019

It's an act that's considered one of the worst forms of disrespect possible: LAX snatch the masks from the faces of Pentagon Jr & Fenix

IMPACT: Fenix vs Santana | Dec 13, 2018

Fenix and Santana absolutely tear it up in this wild matchup that could provide a preview of the Tag Team Title match at Homecoming

IMPACT: LAX Issues A Title Match Challenge To The Lucha Bros...

LAX want the best competition in the world, so they take the initiative to challenge Pentagon Jr & Fenix to a Tag Team Title match at Homecoming

IMPACT WRESTLING PRESS PASS – 09.20.2018: Homicide & Ortiz

Caught up in a bitter feud, the pair answered questions about the fierce, LAX-OGz rivalry, Konnan, King, and returning to New York for Bound for Glory

IMPACT: The OGz Perpetrate a HORRIFIC Retaliation on LAX | Aug...

Basking in celebration after reclaiming their Tag Team Title belts, LAX are struck by an ungodly retaliation at the hands of The OGz