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THE POWER OF THE PIN – 09.23.2019: Stranger Than Fiction

Are heavily produced vignettes and Hollywood-style mini-movies the wave of the future in terms of wrestling storytelling?

THE LADY & THE CHAMP – An Interview with Melissa Santos

Impact Wrestling announcer Melissa Santos speaks with TGP Editor Ryan Boman about life as a performer, a mother, and the wife of the World Heavyweight Champion


Known as the Technical Luchador, Daga isn't your typical performer, and he will showcase his unique set of skills at Impact Wrestling's United We Stand

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 02.11.2019: Could a Woman be...

With inter--gender matches now commonplace in the indys, and WWE exploring the possibility - Will there come a time when a woman will rule as a major federation's World Champion?


The Impact World Champion has seemingly done it all - from wrestling, to Hollywood, to last names. On January 6th, he will carry his company's torch back to Nashville for Homecoming as it's standard-bearer

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Marty the Moth says ‘The Fun Is About to...

The new face of Lucha Underground is a sadistic, serial killer-type who had a taste of the WWE Universe, but found his home in a whole new wrestling galaxy

LUCHA UNDERGROUND: Season 4 Episode 13

'The Circle of Life' - Melissa Santos and Catrina engage in an epic confrontation, and The Monster Matanza Cueto makes another sacrifice to the Gods

LUCHA UNDERGROUND – Season 4 | Episode 12 : It’s the...

'Here We Are' - The Savage Jake Strong vs. Drago, XO Lishus vs. Jack Evans in a No Mas Match, a Wedding & more!

LUCHA UNDERGROUND: Season 4 | Episode 3 – Review

A look at another exciting episode of LU by contributing writer Travis Woolum, who reviews this week's '3-Ways-to-the-Grave Match'

LUCHA UNDERGROUND – Season 4 Episode 1 Review

LU kicks off season 4 with their annual Aztec Warfare, 20 man Royal Rumble, and the championship is on the line