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Gino Hernandez, one of the bright young stars of Texas wrestling, dies of a drug overdose in his apartment at just 28 years of age

KAYFABE THEATER: Gary Hart & The One Man Gang have a...

The devious Gary Hart and his giant protege say they are confident heading in to their battle with The Von Erichs at Parade of Champions

KAYFABE THEATER: Stella Mae French makes her debut in World Class...

Marc Lowrance brings out a lady from the audience who goes on a cursing tirade about Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin and his wicked ways

KAYFABE THEATER: Marc Lowrance walks out on The Freebirds

1984 - The World Class Championship Wrestling announcer can't handle the behavior of The Fabulous Freebirds, so he quits the interview and the 'Birds take over

KAYFABE THEATER: Chaos erupts as The Dynamic Duo falls apart

After Gino Hernandez says he had to put Chris Adams in his place, the Gentleman calls him out - leading to a bloody brawl between the two

KAYFABE THEATER: Fritz Von Erich confronts Gary Hart about The One...

The devious manager is out for an interview, but is interrupted by Fritz, who says he'll climb in the ring to face The Gang if his son, Kerry, loses

KAYFABE THEATER: Kerry Von Erich vs. Sid Vicious

CWA Heavyweight Champion Sid Vicious travels to Dallas to take on the Modern Day Warrior, in the midst of the merger between the Tennessee and Texas promotions