Tag: Marc Lowrence

KAYFABE THEATER: Mr. T comes to the aid of Kerry Von...

Kerry Von Erich comes out to do an interview on World Class Wrestling, but he has a surprise: He's brought Mr. T with him

KAYFABE THEATER: Gary Hart wants Justice!

1986 - Gary Hart is out with Marc Lowrance and David Manning, and he is demanding that Abdullah the Butcher's suspension from World Class be lifted

KAYFABE THEATER: Bruiser Brody vs. Rick Rude

The two late, great stars face off in Texas for Rude's World Class World Television Championship


As we're heading to the 90's, CWA becomes the United States Wrestling Association

KAYFABE THEATER: Michael Hayes returns to World Class Championship Wrestling [1988]

The Leader of The Freebirds comes back to Texas, only to find that a few things have changed with Buddy Jack and Bam Bam

KAYFABE THEATER: Kerry Von Erich defends the NWA title against Terry...

Kerry Von Erich, in one of his few NWA World title defenses, battles Terry Gordy on Bill Watts' "Power Pro Wrestling"