Tag: Mid-South Wrestling


Bill Watts' Mid-South Wrestling is renamed the Universal Wrestling Federation, and crowns Terry Gordy as the first UWF heavyweight champion

KAYFABE THEATER: Jake the Snake Squares Off With Muhammad Ali

During a match in New Orleans, Jake Roberts gets in to an altercation with the legendary heavyweight boxing champion

KAYFABE THEATER: Butch Reed has had ENOUGH of Buddy Landel!

After growing tired of Buddy Landell's double dealings, Hacksaw Butch Reed calls him a 'parasite' and then lays him out

KAYFABE THEATER: Ernie Ladd talks about facing Andre the Giant

From Leroy McGuirk's Tri-State Wrestling, Ernie Ladd does an interview with Reeser Bowden, and says that he isn't intimidated by by The Eighth Wonder of the World

KAYFABE THEATER: Williams & DiBiase Talk About Dr. Death’s Heroic Actions

The new Mid-South Tag Team Champions, Steve Williams and Ted DiBiase, are out to talk with Jim Ross about Dr. Death saving someone in a traffic accident

KAYFABE THEATER: A Sitdown Interview with Hyatt & Hot Stuff International

Jim Ross sits down to talk with Missy Hyatt, Eddie Gilbert & John Tatum and find out just exactly what kind of 'arrangement' they have in the UWF

KAYFABE THEATER: Bill Watts & Buck Robley have struck gold in...

The newly crowned Louisiana Tag Team Champions tell Reeser Bowden that their next goal is to rid the territory of Rock Hunter and his men

KAYFABE THEATER: Dick Slater talks about defending the UWF TV Title

Dick Slater calls out several of the contenders in the Universal Wrestling Federation, including Jim Duggan and Terry Taylor, and says he will defeat them all

KAYFABE THEATER: Rock ‘n’ Roll Express Promotional Video

A music video sent to various territories, promoting the arrival of the high-flying tag team... set to the popular KISS song, "Rock and Roll All Night"

KAYFABE THEATER: Eddie Gilbert sets up Cowboy Bill Watts

Hot Stuff comes out to apologize for his recent actions, but it's all a ruse, as he leaves Cowboy Bill Watts to be viciously attacked by The Russians