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KAYFABE THEATER: Eddie Gilbert – ‘Hot Stuff’ Music Video

A 1980s music video highlighting the lifestyle of the man referred to as "Hot Stuff", set to the song of the same name


1987 - The One Man Gang defeated Jim Duggan in a Loser Leaves UWF match, and Hacksaw heads north for the World Wrestling Federation

KAYFABE THEATER: Dr. Death Training Video

Following Jim Crockett Promotions' acquisition of the company formerly owned by Bill Watts, Williams returns to Oklahoma University to prepare for his match with Big Bubba Rogers for the UWF Heavyweight title

KAYFABE THEATER: DiBiase turns his back on Duggan

In Mid-South Wrestling, Ted DiBiase gives the cold shoulder to his fellow Rat Pack member, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, to side with the evil General Skandor Akbar

KAYFABE THEATER: Bill Watts talks about the Andy Kaufman vs. Jerry...

Cowboy Bill Watts comes on Mid-South Wrestling television to discuss why the SNL comedian has no chance against The King in Memphis

IMPACT Wrestling’s ‘OPERATION: OVERRIDE’ will take place in Oklahoma

IMPACT Wrestling will present a pair of live specials in Oklahoma this September in partnership with Jerry Bostic’s World Class Revolution 

KAYFABE THEATER: Savannah Jack wins the UWF TV Title

During his brief run through the Mid-South territory, Savannah Jack delivers his trademark superkick to defeat Freebird Buddy Roberts and capture the gold

KAYFABE THEATER: Bill Watts crashes Cornette’s party

Jim Cornette throws a 'huge' celebration on Mid-South Wrestling for the Midnight Express that eventually leads to a confrontation with The Cowboy

KAYFABE THEATER: Jake Roberts challenges Terry Taylor for the TV title

Jake the Snake Roberts interrupts the pre-match introductions by Jim Ross to make a challenge to Television Champion Terry Taylor

KAYFABE THEATER: Butch Reed turns his back on The Junkyard Dog

MID-SOUTH WRESTLING (1983) - Hacksaw Butch Reed issues a challenge to JYD for the North American title that turns ugly