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THE POWER OF THE PIN – 08.05.2019: I Can’t Live Without...

TGP Editor in Chief Ryan Boman pays homage to the fun and fierce world of professional wrestling podcasts

WOMAN ON FIRE – 07.31.2019: What Makes a Fan?

This week, columnist Kim Artlip talks about all the factors that make the followers of pro wrestling so special

THE MY 1-2-3 CENTS PODCAST – 02.25.2019: AEW is the new...

WWE vs. AEW, indy wrestling and Strideiversary are all topics of discussion on this week's podcast with host Kevin Hunsperger

FANSIDED: Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose using MLK’s quotes missed the mark

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose cut promos using quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King in yet another example of WWE's struggle with topics important to society

DEADSPIN: WWE Is Sexing Up Its Programming Again, But At What...

WWE’s television programming has taken a sharp turn in the past week or so, and has started to dip back into some more adult-oriented content

FORBES: WWE Is Awfully Close To Ruining Braun Strowman

The RAW Brand badly needs Braun Strowman to become a bigger star right away, but the creative team continues to hold him back

THE SIGNATURE SPOT – 01.03.2019: A Full Preview of Wrestle Kingdom...

Remembering Mean Gene, discussing the official announcement of All Elite Wrestling/Double or Nothing and a full preview of Wrestle Kingdom 13

FORBES: Why Becky Lynch Dropping The Title To Asuka Is Brilliant...

While Lynch losing the SmackDown Women's title just a couple of months after winning it would seemingly be a massive letdown, that move actually paves the way for bigger and better things

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 10.01.2018: The Lost Dusty Tapes

A bit of a different perspective on the legendary career of The American Dream (...if you will)

DEADSPIN: How WWE Cheapened Hell In A Cell

Several factors have come into play over its 21 year history that have made "WWE's Most Dangerous Environment" not quite what it used to be