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NY TIMES: Linda McMahon to step down from Cabinet Post

The former chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment, stepped down on Friday as the head of the Small Business Administration, the White House announced

DEADSPIN: Indie Wrestler David Starr’s ROH Promo Trashes Sinclair, Pisses Off...

ROH parent company Sinclair Broadcasting has had a history of controversial decisions in terms of programming, and it engulfed the wrestling world this week

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 11.05.2018: The Winter Of Our...

With their displeasure at an all-time high, will WWE fans finally issue a referendum on where the company should go from here?

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs talks about victory in Political Primary

Through hell, fire, and brimstone, Glenn Jacobs captured last week’s Republican mayoral primary election in Knox County, Tennessee

BLEACHER REPORT: ‘THE ROCK 2020’ Is More Real Than You Think

Polls have shown The Rock would do well in a political election, but would The Great One really take a shot at The Oval Office?

Former WWE and Impact wrestler Matt Morgan Elected in Florida

The big man won a local Florida ballot on Tuesday, and was elected to the position of Longwood City Commissioner

THE RHODES SCHOLAR – 06.07.2017: The People’s President

Hail to.... THE ROCK? Could Dwayne Johnson end up becoming The Most Electrifying Man in Washington?

LATE NIGHT, LAST NIGHT – 04.21.2017: The Administration vs. Legalization

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah jokes about the anti-marijuana push from the White House.