Tag: Santa Claus

KAYFABE THEATER: Rip Oliver is a REALLY Bad Santa

It's Christmas time in Portland, so The Crippler lets Billy Jack Haynes know that Santa Claus is coming to town... and, he's brought a tire iron with him

RAW: ‘Mr. McMahon-ta Claus’ announces the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship...

Vince McMahon - dressed as Santa Claus - announces tandem titles for the Women's division, the dual brand return of John Cena, and a blockbuster Steel Cage Match for New Year's Eve

KAYFABE THEATER: Michael ‘Santa Claus’ Hayes attacks The Von Erichs

Buddy Roberts sits down for an interview with Bill Mercer, as they watch video of the recent Christmas assault launched by Michael Hayes in a Santa Claus suit

KAYFABE THEATER: Baron Von Rashcke as Santa Claus

1984 -The Baron comes out on Pro Wrestling USA dressed as the jolly St. Nick, and reads down a list of sports figures who have been naughty and/or nice