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STEPPING OUT – An Interview with Kiera Hogan

At just 24 years old, Impact Wrestling's Kiera Hogan has taken huge strides in both her career, and her personal life as she heads toward Bound for Glory

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 02.25.2019: The Great Reigns Debate

Roman Reign's return to RAW on Monday Night has conspiracy theorists coming up with some strange - and pretty strong - allegations

FANSIDED: EFFY and the “Queer Future of Wrestling”

An interview with the eccentric indy star from Florida, who discusses his status as an openly gay wrestler in the south, and the changes taking place in the industry today

FANSIDED: WOW’s New MAGA Character is a Step in the Wrong...

Women of Wrestling's Jessie Jones made an impression in this week's episode that was jaw-dropping, not for her wrestling... but because of her words

FANSIDED: Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose using MLK’s quotes missed the mark

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose cut promos using quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King in yet another example of WWE's struggle with topics important to society

DEADSPIN: Ronda Rousey Basically Called Becky Lynch A Beta, Snowflake Cuck...

Columnist David Bixenspan takes a look at what seemed to be an out-of-character promo delivered by Ronda Rousey this week on Monday Night RAW

THE SIGNATURE SPOT – 11.08.2018: The Best Of Survivor Series

Chris discusses his total dislike for WWE Crown Jewel, weekly news & highlights, and a Survivor Series 'Best Of' list with special guest Chris Morrison

TURNBUCKLE TALK – 10.30.2018: The Great MMA Debate

This week, the guys discuss the Reigns announcement, some changes within The Bullet Club, Cena and Bryan not going to Crown Jewel, WWE Evolution & more


After living most of his life in a cold and confusing shadow, Michael Parrow has emerged in the spotlight of NWA 70 as a groundbreaking role model

WOMAN ON FIRE – 10.17.2018: What If We Followed Our Dreams?

Kim Artlip reflects on a precious life gone to soon, and the lessons we can all take away from it - both personally and professionally