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THE SOLOMONSTER SOUNDS OFF – 04.06.2019: WrestleMania 35 Preview & Predictions

Solomonster runs down the WRESTLEMANIA 35 card and offers predictions for the women's main event, Kofi's first ever singles match for the WWE title, and more

CLIPPED: Should WWE Create A Network Special About The Gorilla Position?

A discussion about whether fans would be interested in a documentary regarding the famed backstage area (...not this website)

CLIPPED: Why WWE Has Something Special In Asuka

The newest addition to the RAW roster has all the tools to take the Women's division to an even higher level

CLIPPED: Balor Club vs. The Shield?

The Solomonster discusses the potential for a Balor Club vs. The Shield feud on RAW

CLIPPED: The Solomonster reviews New Japan G1

Observers say the company's US special exceeded expectations.

CLIPPED: Will WWE Feed Jinder Mahal To John Cena?

Will The Maharajah eventually fall at the hands of Super Cena? The Solomonster discusses what might be the inevitable ending to Mahal's title reign.