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SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: WWE Putting Promotion Over Content Has Hurt the Company

Currently, the WWE product has major issues... The talent is there, but the storylines and creative direction are in a really bad place

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: The Premieres of AEW and NXT Start the ‘Wednesday...

All Elite Wrestling premiered on TNT, while NXT made its two-hour debut on the USA Network, and the end result is that the most exciting two hours in the business now take place on Wednesday nights

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Despite His Size, Drew McIntyre Is a True Underdog

Drew McIntyre flamed out of WWE the first time, but after beating some hardships, has re-invented himself the second time around

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Jon Moxley Cast in MMA-Themed Movie ‘Cagefighter’

The former Dean Ambrose is set to appear in the MMA-themed action feature 'Cagefighter', Deadline's Andreas Wiseman reported on Wednesday.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: David Starr Builds a Worldwide Profile by Being Unapologetically...

“The Product” David Starr is taking his own approach to success in pro wrestling

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Twin Brothers Jimmy and Jey Uso Are More Than...

The Usos define tag team wrestling in WWE, and say they would love n opportunity to headline WrestleMania, in a tag team main event

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Ricochet Raising Money After His Mother’s House Burned Down

WWE star Ricochet is asking fans for help after a family tragedy

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: The Raw After WrestleMania Shows How Important Fans Are...

The Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania is when storylines are teased out, and it's become almost as important as The Big Event itself

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Marty Scurll Promises to ‘Blow the Roof Off the...

In this interview, Scurll discusses the upcoming MSG ladder match, the departure of The Elite from ROH, and the evolution of his Villain character

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Give WWE Credit for Listening to Fans and Giving...

WWE really didn't have a choice, but they still deserves credit for their historical decision to place Rousey vs Lynch vs Flair at the top of the card