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TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… JULY 11th: Dr. Death becomes the...

Dr. Death Steve Williams defeats Big Bubba Rogers in Oklahoma City to win the UWF Heavyweight Championship

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY…. JULY 5th: Williams & Gordy capture...

The Miracle Violence Connection - Terry Gordy and Dr. Death Steve Williams - defeat The Steiner Brothers to win the WCW World tag team championship

KAYFABE THEATER: One Man Gang is awarded the UWF title

Terry Gordy is injured by Dr. Death Steve Williams, forcing referee Tommy Gilbert to make a decision

KAYFABE THEATER: Williams & DiBiase Talk About Dr. Death’s Heroic Actions

The new Mid-South Tag Team Champions, Steve Williams and Ted DiBiase, are out to talk with Jim Ross about Dr. Death saving someone in a traffic accident

KAYFABE THEATER: Dr. Death Training Video

Following Jim Crockett Promotions' acquisition of the company formerly owned by Bill Watts, Williams returns to Oklahoma University to prepare for his match with Big Bubba Rogers for the UWF Heavyweight title

KAYFABE THEATER: UWF Training Center Commercial

1986 - This Universal Wrestling Federation commercial promised to train YOU for the glamour, excitement, prestige & million dollar contracts of pro wrestling.

KAYFABE THEATER: Dr. Death on ‘PM Magazine’

A 1986 video feature about Steve Williams, documenting his transformation to professional wrestling after playing football at the University of Oklahoma


Remembering the life of the Oklahoma football and wrestling legend, a champion on the field and in the ring, who died on this day in 2009

KAYFABE THEATER: The Horsemen vs Lex Luger, Steve Williams & Nikita...

Jim Crockett Promotions makes its way to the Sam Houston Coliseum in Texas. Includes an interview with the Horsemen and Paul Boesch (June 10th 1988)