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IMPACT: Did Havok Just KILL Su Yung?! | Sept 20, 2019

When things violently break down after their match, Havok takes things to a new extreme against her nemesis, Su Yung

IMPACT: Rosemary Recruits Her DARK ARMY! | March 1, 2019

Kiera Hogan & Jordynne Grace want to join Rosemary in the fight against Su Yung for Allie's soul!

IMPACT: Jordynne Grace vs Dark Allie | Jan 18, 2019

Jordynne Grace faces her toughest competition to date as she squares off one on one with the maniacal Allie!

IMPACT WRESTLING: Tessa Blanchard Wins the Knockouts Championship! | Aug 30,...

Third-generation star Tessa Blanchard captures the Knockouts Championship in a triple threat matchup against Su Yung and Allie

IMPACT: Allie will unleash her Dark Side vs Su Yung at...

Ever since Su Yung Panic-Switched Rosemary straight to hell, Allie has undergone a dark transformation, and she'll have her chance to unleash it this week

Rich Swann Cleared of Charges Over Domestic Altercation

Rich Swann is cleared of domestic abuse allegations, after charges were reportedly dropped by the prosecutor’s office due to insufficient evidence