Tag: Syndicated Television

KAYFABE THEATER: The Fabulous Ones hang out with Sally Jessy Raphael

1984 - Steve Keirn and Stan Lane, The Fabulous Ones, appear on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show and she asks them to display their physiques for the audience

KAYFABE THEATER: Michael Hayes Interviews Lynyrd Skynyrd on WCW TV

On WCW Main Event, Michael P.S. Hayes interviews Gary Rossington and Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd at their recording Studio in Atlanta about their new record

KAYFABE THEATER: Ricky Steamboat DARES to touch Tully’s Suit!

Ricky Steamboat roughs up a very arrogant Tully Blanchard before their TV title match at Starrcade

KAYFABE THEATER: The New Breed talk about Robots & Transformers

The time travelling tag team of Chris Champion and Sean Royal get a little TOO deep when discussing Lazer Tron with Bob Caudle

KAYFABE THEATER: ‘Pro Wrestling This Week’ with Joe Pedicino, Gordon Solie...

An episode of the classic wrestling news show hosted by Joe Pedicino, Gordon Solie & Boni Blackstone.

KAYFABE THEATER: “Learning the Ropes” – pilot episode

The initial show of the short-lived Lyle Alzado sitcom that featured stars of the NWA, including cameos by stars like Jimmy Garvin, Ivan Koloff, The Road Warriors & more

KAYFABE THEATER: The Body Slam Challenge [1983]

Big John Studd offers $10,000 in cash to any man who can slam him, and Andre the Giant quickly steps up to the task.