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KAYFABE THEATER: One Man Gang is awarded the UWF title

Terry Gordy is injured by Dr. Death Steve Williams, forcing referee Tommy Gilbert to make a decision

KAYFABE THEATER: Ted DiBiase appears as the WWF World Champion

The Million Dollar Man wrestles in Boston the day after being handed the World title by Andre the Giant, wearing the belt and being interviewed as the champion

KAYFABE THEATER: Williams & DiBiase Talk About Dr. Death’s Heroic Actions

The new Mid-South Tag Team Champions, Steve Williams and Ted DiBiase, are out to talk with Jim Ross about Dr. Death saving someone in a traffic accident

KAYFABE THEATER: Dibiase Betrays Duggan in Mid_South

"Money is no object" as Skandor Akbar persuades Ted Dibiase to turn on his former Rat Pack partner "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in Mid South


The WWF airs wrestling programming in prime time on NBC, and the shocking Andre the Giant-Hulk Hogan rematch scores the highest ratings ever

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… JAN 15th: Big John wins the...

1989 - The WWF Royal Rumble makes its pay-per-view debut, and Big John Studd stands at the top of the mountain over 29 other Superstars

KAYFABE THEATER: DiBiase turns his back on Duggan

In Mid-South Wrestling, Ted DiBiase gives the cold shoulder to his fellow Rat Pack member, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, to side with the evil General Skandor Akbar

KAYFABE THEATER: UWF Training Center Commercial

1986 - This Universal Wrestling Federation commercial promised to train YOU for the glamour, excitement, prestige & million dollar contracts of pro wrestling.

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… SEPT 1st: The Intercontinental Title...

Pat Patterson is crowned the inaugural champion after a mysterious 'tournament' in Rio de Janiero

Is There Still Room For Managers In Wrestling?

Contributing Writer and Cauliflower Alley Club Lifetime member Paul Stratoti travels through the careers of some of wrestling's greatest managers