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WWE releases ad campaign ahead of WrestleMania

The company posts a terrific commercial entitled, "We Are WWE", on Monday morning, as they prepare for the biggest weekend of the year

KAYFABE THEATER: WWF & The NFL – Miller Lite Commercial

1989 - Stars of Pro Football and Wrestling, including Vince McMahon, John Madden & Jesse Ventura, battle over which is better: Tastes Great, or Less Filling

KAYFABE THEATER: Hulk Hogan & Honey Nut Cheerios

A 1985 television commercial that frequently ran on Saturday mornings, with Buzz the Bee convincing The Hulkster to try a bowl of the popular breakfast cereal

KAYFABE THEATER: Dallas Times-Herald Von Erich Poster Commercial

A 1986 television commercial touting a pullout poster of Texas Wrestling's most famous family, including Doris, Kevin, Kerry and (ironically) Lance

KAYFABE THEATER: Moondog Mayne wants to sell you a Mobile Home

Vintage commercial from Portland Wrestling, featuring Moondog Lonnie Mayne and Professor Dale Lewis for Travel Land & Mobile Homes West

KAYFABE THEATER: Hulk Hogan Sings on Japanese TV Commercial

On a Far East television ad from the early 90s, the Hulkster sings the days of the week, while a Japanese announcer apparently talks about air conditioners

KAYFABE THEATER: Pro Wrestling Illustrated commercial

(1988) A 60-second television spot for the magazine that set the standard for professional wrestling journalism

KAYFABE THEATER: 1980’s NWA Wrestling Home Video Commercials

Classic ads from Jim Crockett Promotions for their VHS collection- including "Starrcade '87: Chi-Town Heat", "The Danger Zone", "True Grit" and more...


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