Tag: Ten Pounds of Gold

NWA: Nick Aldis vs. Bad Dude Tito | NWA Worlds Heavyweight...

The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship is on the line as Nick Aldis faces Bad Dude Tito from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood

NWA: Is Tim Storm Going to Go For The Ten Pounds...

NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis makes an offer to former champ Tim Storm to go for Ten Pounds of Gold one more time... in a high risk/high reward opportunity

NWA: ‘Fade Up From Black’ | Ten Pounds of Gold #47

The Ten Pounds of Gold series dives into the incredible survival story of PJ Black after a BASE jumping accident nearly ended his career and his life

NWA: Fighting With The Family | NWA Ten Pounds of Gold...

Nick Aldis, as the reigning NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, brings the famous Ten Pounds Of Gold back home to Norwich, England

NWA: Nick Aldis vs. Jake Hager | NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship...

Nick Aldis continues The Aldis Crusade with the Ten Pounds of Gold, as he faces Jake Hager at Wrestlecade

NWA: Through These Eyes | Ten Pounds of Gold #43

This episode of Ten Pounds of Gold explores Billy Corgan's day in the historic wrestling city of St. Louis for The Smashing Pumpkins

NWA: Nick Aldis vs. Jake Hager | Ten Pounds of Gold...

After regaining the Worlds Heavyweight Championship from Cody Rhodes at NWA 70, Nick Aldis' next major challenge comes from Jake Hager

NWA: Who is Brandon Scott?

Nick Aldis regained the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship from Cody at NWA 70 and now picks up the Aldis Crusade with Ten Pounds Of Gold.

NWA: Who Gets Next Shot at Nick Aldis and the...

Nick Aldis talks about all the contenders for his championship, and where he will be defending it in the weeks to come

NWA: Nick Aldis’ Final Match Before NWA 70

Before the rematch of Aldis vs. Rhodes this Sunday, Nick Aldis faces former ROH world Champion Christopher Daniels