Tag: Terry Taylor

KAYFABE THEATER: One Man Gang is awarded the UWF title

Terry Gordy is injured by Dr. Death Steve Williams, forcing referee Tommy Gilbert to make a decision

KAYFABE THEATER: Chris Adams & Terry Taylor talk about holding the...

Coming off a successful title defense against Ted DiBiase & Sam Houston, Terry Taylor and Chris Adams tell Bruce Prichard that they plan on holding the gold for a long time

KAYFABE THEATER: Terry Funk Calls Out Terry Taylor & Kevin Sullivan

In Georgia, Terry Funk tells Gordon Solie that all the young wrestlers in the territory are crybabies, and Terry Taylor and Kevin Sullivan take exception

KAYFABE THEATER: Savannah Jack wins the UWF TV Title

During his brief run through the Mid-South territory, Savannah Jack delivers his trademark superkick to defeat Freebird Buddy Roberts and capture the gold

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair calls out The North American Champion

1985 - The Nature Boy has come to the Mid-South territory and tells Terry Taylor that he may be lucky, but he won't be lucky enough to hold the NWA World title

KAYFABE THEATER: Jake Roberts challenges Terry Taylor for the TV title

Jake the Snake Roberts interrupts the pre-match introductions by Jim Ross to make a challenge to Television Champion Terry Taylor

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair calls out Terry Taylor in Mid-South Wrestling

The Nature Boy is irate, and tells both Jim Ross and Joel Watts that the North American Champion is directly in his cross-hairs now

KAYFABE THEATER: UWF – The Battle of New Orleans

1987 - Sting and Shane Douglas take on Eddie Gilbert and Terry Taylor in a battle so wild that it ends up all the way into the concession stands

KAYFABE THEATER: Tully Blanchard vs. Terry Taylor [1985]

An old school battle for the US title on the SuperStation!