Tag: The Black Scorpion

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… DEC 16th: The Scorpion has Landed....

At Starrcade 1990, the mystery of the Black Scorpion is revealed when the character arrives in a spaceship to face Sting, only to be unmasked as Ric Flair

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… SEPT. 5th: Sting faces the Black...

The mysterious man from The Stinger's past continues to play his mind games at WCW Clash of the Champions XII

KAYFABE THEATER: Gordon Solie Interviews The Black Scorpion

Trying to get to the bottom of a wrestling mystery, legendary broadcaster Gordon Solie agrees to do a blindfolded interview with Sting's tormentor

FOUND IN THE WILD: ‘Revenge of The Black Scorpion’

The Black Scorpion angle may have been COMICALLY BAD, but artist Neil Purcell sees it more like a COMIC BOOK... pitting Sting & Scooby against The Scorpion.