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THE HITTING THE MARKS PODCAST – 03.08.2019: Get Smart feat WOW...

Ric & Jargo are back with another power-packed episode, featuring discussion about New Japan, The Dusty Rhodes Classic, an interview with W.O.W.'s Samantha Smart, and more!

THE HITTING THE MARKS PODCAST – 03.01.2019: 25th Amendment

Ric & Jargo are back to discuss an exciting week in WWE, including Roman Reigns' return, the rise of Kofi Kingston, The Animal Bautista, the WWE Womens title picture and more

THE SIGNATURE SPOT – 02.28.2019: Analyzing the WrestleMania 35 Card

Roman's announcement, Batista’s return, Becky Lynch arrested yet again, Kofi loses his Championship match and analyzing the speculated card for Wrestlemania 35 with TGP Editor in Chief Ryan Boman

THE AVERAGE MARKS PODCAST – 02.17.2019: Carmella Interview, Elimination Chamber Preview...

The Boyz from the Bayou are back with an interview of WWE Superstar Carmella, as well as a look at tonight's big Pay per View

THE HITTING THE MARKS PODCAST – 02.15.2019: Bad Tattoo

On this weeks show, the guys talk things over with The Australian Sensation, Craven, and WOW Superhero Abilene Maverick

THE SIGNATURE SPOT – 02.14.2019: A Full Preview of WWE Elimination...

Remembering Pedro Morales, the new IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Double or Nothing sells out, AEW’s rumoured schedule and a full preview of WWE Elimination Chamber this Sunday.


Heading into another WWE PPV this weekend, Nick and Myron touch on Elimination Chamber, along with a discussion about AEW rumors, Bautista, Jay White & WOW Wrestling

THE MY 1-2-3 CENTS PODCAST – 02.11.2019: Wrestling’s Best Couples

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and love is in the air, so host Kevin Hunsperger discusses some of the greatest romantic pairings in pro wrestling

THE AVERAGE MARKS PODCAST – 02.10.2019: AEW, Omega Signs, Undertaker Rumors,...

The boyz from the Bayou are back with an interview of WOW Superhero Stephy Slays, plus... Omega signs, Undertaker rumors, Seth Rollins injury, Elimination Chamber, and much more!

THE HITTING THE MARKS PODCAST – 02.08.2019: Double Standards, Or Nothing

RBV & Jargo are back with another episode of the HTM Podcast, talking about the AEW Rally, the build to WWE Elimination Chamber and an interview with Selina Majors