THE SUNDAY MATINEE – 01.26.2020: ‘Racket Girls’ (1951)

A money launderer manages women wrestlers as a front and earns the enmity of a powerful mobster

THE SUNDAY MATINEE – 01.19.2020: ‘…All the Marbles’ (1981)

Harry Sears manages The California Dolls, a female wrestling tag team who tour America, hoping for a chance at winning big time...

THE SUNDAY MATINEE – 09.08.2019: ‘Icons of Wrestling – The Iron...

A 25-minute documentary on the former Olympian and WWF World Champion, known as one of the most legendary and controversial figures in wrestling history

THE SUNDAY MATINEE – 08.25.2019: ‘The Winners’ featuring Bruno Sammartino (1976)

A profile of the legendary WWWF World Champion, from the series of sports documentaries produced by George A. Romero during the mid-1970's

THE SUNDAY MATINEE: ‘Driven – The Rocky King Story’ ...

The fascinating life and times of a true champion- both in and outside the ring

THE SUNDAY MATINEE: ‘Wrestling in a Special Way’ – Houston TV...

From Channel 39 in Houston... a half-hour special focusing on NWA promoter Paul Boesch, including match footage from his career and classic commentary from him

THE SUNDAY MATINEE – 09.09.2018: ‘Alias the Champ’ (1949)

New York gangsters trying to muscle in on the California wrestling scene come up against a wrestler who won't knuckle under... so they frame him for a murder

THE SUNDAY MATINEE – 08.05.2018: ‘The British Wrestler’ (2014)

In this 43-minute documentary from 2014, VICE looked at the UK's underground wrestling scene, from the community centres of Plymouth to the streets of Glasgow