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KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair comes to Georgia and confronts Tommy Rich

The NWA World Heavyweight Champion is in town, and he takes exception to the fact that Wildfire is giving his opinion about Flair's chances against Harley Race


Memphis nearly EXPLODES when Austin Idol, Tommy Rich & Paul E. Dangerously conspire to shave Jerry The King Lawler's head in the cage at Mid-South Coliseum

Tommy “Wildfire” Rich Looks Ahead to 2020

Cauliflower Alley Club lifetime member Paul Stratoti shares his experiences with "Wildfire" Tommy Rich

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair isn’t impressed by Tommy Rich’s ‘Georgia Wrestler...

After Wildfire Tommy Rich receives his yearly awards from Gordon Solie, Ric Flair comes out and says the only prize that matters is the NWA World title

KAYFABE THEATER: Tommy Rich talks to Gordon Solie & Jim Crockett...

Gordon Solie interviews Tommy Rich and NWA President Jim Crockett Jr. about Rich's world title victory

KAYFABE THEATER: Paul E. Dangerously complains about Jerry Lawler injuring Tommy...

The loud-mouthed manager tells Randy Hales that he intends to sue Jerry Lawler and matchmaker Eddie Marlin for what The King did to Tommy Rich

KAYFABE THEATER: Boogie Woogie Man & The Dream are leading the...

Dusty Rhodes and Jimmy Valiant are joined in an interview by Thunderbolt Patterson, Tommy Rich, and Magnum TA as they discuss their upcoming plans together

KAYFABE THEATER: Tommy Rich’s Strange Interview in Memphis

Wildfire Tommy Rich is out with his tag team partner, Eddie Gilbert, and goes on a rambling diatribe about various, random topics

KAYFABE THEATER: Dusty Rhodes & Tommy Rich join forces in Georgia

The American Dream and The Wildfire explain to Gordon Solie that they are officially partners, and will face off against Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson at the Omni

KAYFABE THEATER: Jerry Lawler & The New Fabulous Ones

In Memphis, Jerry Lawler brings the New Fabulous Ones (Eddie Gilbert and Tommy Rich) on his show, as they have some fun in this promotional video