Tag: Tony Atlas

KAYFABE THEATER: Tony Atlas Demonstrates His Superhuman Strength

1978 - During a feat of strength demonstration for Ken Patera, Atlas bends a bar and then challenges for The Olympian's Mid-Atlantic title

KAYFABE THEATER: Tony Atlas has a Giant surprise for Bobby Heenan...

The Brain tells Gordon Solie that he's tired of people calling him a coward and he's ready to fight anyone, so Mr. USA calls his bluff

KAYFABE THEATER: Tony Atlas slaps Ric Flair!

When Tony Atlas comes out to ask for a world title shot, Ric Flair mocks him. So, Atlas paintbrushes the Nature Boy and demands that they fight.

KAYFABE THEATER: Andre and Atlas want the Mid-South Tag Titles

Ted DiBiase and Matt Borne may have the Mid-South belts, but as they learn in this interview segment, they are being targeted by Tony Atlas and Andre the Giant

KAYFABE THEATER: Tony Atlas & Kevin Sullivan workout video

1980 - Gordon Solie introduces a video showing the two Georgia Championship Wrestling stars working out to the fanfare from 'Rocky'

KAYFABE THEATER: Hulk Hogan is going to make Tony Atlas say...

Hulk Hogan is interviewed by 'mild-mannered reporter' Vince McMahon, and says some things about Tony Atlas that wouldn't make television airwaves today