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THE RHODES SCHOLAR – 06.15.2018: A Time to Heel

MMA fighter Colby Covington has borrowed from his experience in pro wrestling to craft a marketable, 'bad boy image' in the Ultimate Fighting Championship

THE RHODES SCHOLAR – 04.19.2018: The Shea Screwjob

Columnist Tony Cline with a different historical perspective on the famous 1980 match between Bruno Sammartino & Larry Zbyszko at New York's Shea Stadium


TheGorillaPosition.com columnist Tony Cline steps in to give the written preview and predictions for the biggest WWE event of the year

THE RHODES SCHOLAR – 04.04.2018: What Could’ve Been…

Tony Cline returns with a thought-provoking column, taking a look at what WrestleMania would look like if WWE were operated in the same way NXT is


TheGorillaPosition.com Columnist Tony Cline travels the Road to WrestleMania as he gives his thoughts and predictions for tonight's huge card from Columbus

THE RHODES SCHOLAR – 03.07.2018: Old Time Rock & Roll

Producing their own music has controlled costs for wrestling companies, but it can never replace the magic of stars entering to popular, mainstream songs


Tony Cline runs down tonight's huge event as the RAW brand presents the Elimination Chamber, live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

THE RHODES SCHOLAR – 02.21.2018: Soaring through the Cruiserweight Tournament

Tony Cline takes a look at the list of contenders who will navigate the cruiserweight title tourney, for a shot at filling the void left by Enzo's departure

THE RHODES SCHOLAR – 02.07.2018: The Two Faces of Ronda Rousey’s...

Ronda Rousey has perhaps the highest upside of any female recruit to WWE ever, but she also comes with some serious potential pitfalls

THE RHODES SCHOLAR – 01.24.2018: Cruiserweight Cluster

With 205 Live now in disarray, after having lost their top star and champion, WWE must re-focus on a group of new stars if the division is going to succeed