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THE 12 DAYS OF WRESTLING: Hitman Hart Sunglasses

On the Seventh Day of Christmas... we present one of the hottest accessories of the 90's, Bret Hart's wrap-around shades


On the Fifth Day of Christmas... we present the WWF's smaller, more flexible version of their popular figures of the 80s

THE 12 DAYS OF WRESTLING: WWF Wrestling Buddies

On the Third Day of Christmas... we unwrap every young wrestling fan's best friend and favorite opponent, WWF Wrestling Buddies

KAYFABE THEATER: The Hulkamania Workout Set

Thanks to this 1985 commercial, you can pump iron like the Hulkster, and watch Paul Orndorff bust through a wall...

KAYFABE THEATER: Von Erichs Board Game Commercial

1985 - From the KXTX-TV 39 'Good Time Gang' kid's show in Dallas, a live commercial spot for the Official Von Erichs/WCCW Game

KAYFABE THEATER: AWA Action Figures TV Commercial

Watch the 30-second spot for the Remco line of toys that debuted for the American Wrestling Association, originally released in the mid-80s