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THE POWER OF THE PIN – 03.04.2019: Close Encounters of the...

The overall response to the NXT newcomers has shown that a large percentage of the 'mainstream audience' still hasn't caught on to the Yellow Brand

THE SOLOMONSTER SOUNDS OFF – 03.02.2019: Was EVIL DOINK Supposed To...

If the late Matt Borne is to be believed, The Hulkster would have been involved in a feud with the crazed clown leading up to WrestleMania IX


After a great week for pro wrestling, Nick & Myron are back to discuss Roman Reigns' return, Bruce Prichard re-hired, Batista attacking Ric Flair, possible AEW signings, and more

FORBES: Roman Reigns Proves He’s Irreplaceable With Triumphant Raw Return

WWE's recent ratings have been feeling the effects of the absence of Roman Reigns, but Monday's reaction proves... "The Big Dog" is back.

TURNBUCKLE TALK – 02.26.2019: DX Finally Gets In… With Chyna

On the 102nd episode of the show, Big Joe and Karl start off talking about NXT talents showcasing on the main shows, the DX/Chyna Hall of Fame induction and more...

THE SIGNATURE SPOT – 02.21.2019: NXT Takes Over Raw and Smackdown

Recapping the Elimination Chamber, NXT talent makes their main roster debuts, the awful Layfaette audience and Daniel Bryan’s potential Wrestlemania opponent

BLEACHER REPORT: Why Fastlane Is WWE’s Most Irrelevant Show

Instead of a pivotal piece of the storyline puzzle, Fastlane may be WWE's most pointless pay-per-view event of the year


Nick & Myron discuss DX (specifically Chyna) in the Hall of Fame, Sasha & Bayley winning the Women's Tag Titles, the newfound love for Kofi Kingston, and more...

WOMAN ON FIRE – 02.20.2019: The Magical Appeal of Title Belts

Kim Artlip discusses the role of championship belts in wrestling, and why the status, history and respect that comes along with them is so special

FORBES: WWE Can Replace Any Star Who Leaves, Even Rousey Or...

The power of World Wrestling Entertainment as a global brand makes every star replaceable, even its most established, mainstream performers