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KAYFABE THEATER: CWA Wrestling commercial for ‘Mad Men, Maniacs, and Lunatics’...

Commercials from Memphis Wrestling for the 'Madmen, Maniacs, and Lunatics' VHS tape, and a Jeff Jarrett poster

KAYFABE THEATER: Handsome Jimmy Valiant’s Music Video

In this clip from Memphis, Valiant sets out to show off his musical talents to Lance Russell, Jerry Lawler & all the fans

THE BILL APTER VIDEO PODCAST – 06.28.2018: ‘Wildfire’ Tommy Rich Interview...

The legendary Bill Apter and co-host Josh Shernoff talk to the former NWA World Champion, and TGP Editor Ryan Boman gives the Wrestler of the Week award

ESPN: Charlotte Flair on her dad’s legacy and WWE battle scars

The Queen is featured as part of a stunning pictorial and exclusive story from ESPN The Magazine's annual Body Issue

THE BILL APTER VIDEO PODCAST – 06.14.2018: Conrad Thompson, MITB Predictions...

The legendary Bill Apter interviews podcast host Conrad Thompson, and talks Money in the Bank. TGP Editor Ryan Boman gives out The Wrestler of the Week Award


In his 15 years with Impact, the monster Abyss has been the company's franchise big man, while also establishing himself as a creative force behind the scenes

FOUND IN THE WILD: Cauliflower Brown wants the Ten Pounds of...

Cauliflower Brown calls out NWA World Champion Nick Aldis in this video that hilariously lampoons Billy Corgan & The Smashing Pumpkins

IMPACT WRESTLING: Genesis is a Defining Moment | IMPACT Tonight

Tonight is Genesis and we will see Championship Matches, Rivalries come to a boiling point and much more

IMPACT: Gail Kim Career Retrospective | November 16th, 2017

Tonight on IMPACT, Gail Kim said goodbye, officially retiring from competition and receives a video sendoff for all she accomplished in her Hall of Fame career

1Wrestling Video: The Montreal Screwjob… 20 Years Later

Legendary journalist Bill Apter looks back at the story that rocked the wrestling world and talks to both Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in taped interviews