Tag: Wahoo McDaniel

KAYFABE THEATER: Tully Blanchard backhands Johnny Weaver

The Television champion gives the color commentator a 'little slap' after he gets fed up with some of his remarks

KAYFABE THEATER: Magnum TA says he wants a shot at the...

Bob Caudle interviews the young superstar, who makes an open challenge to the man who holds the United States Championship --- Wahoo McDaniel

KAYFABE THEATER: Wahoo speaks from his home about his Broken Leg

Wahoo McDaniel sits at his home with a cast on his leg, and lets Greg Valentine and Ric Flair know that he will be back for revenge

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… OCT 7th: Wahoo beats The Bull...

Wahoo McDaniel defeats Manny Fernandez in a tournament final to win the NWA United States Championship

KAYFABE THEATER: Tully Blanchard & Wahoo McDaniel talk about what it...

The NWA Television and US champions are out with David Crockett, and they tell all the challengers that they don't have a chance at capturing the gold

KAYFABE THEATER: Arn Anderson challenges Wahoo McDaniel for the Southern Heavyweight...

Wahoo McDaniel is supposed to defend the Southern Heavyweight title against The Barbarian, but since he isn't there, Arn Anderson challenges instead

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair says, “THIS is what it’s all about!”

The Nature Boy cuts an insane, bloody promo on Wahoo McDaniel, telling him the US title is 'second best' to the Ten Pounds of Gold

KAYFABE THEATER: Flair & Steamboat Join Forces!

Ricky Steamboat comes out on Mid-Atlantic Wrestling to talk to David Crockett, and then asks The World Champion to team with him against Tully and Wahoo

KAYFABE THEATER: Jimmy Garvin is Fit to Be Tied

Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin is out with Precious and says he's not scared of his Indian Strap Match with Wahoo McDaniel at the Great American Bash