Tag: WCW Saturday Night

KAYFABE THEATER: Sting talks about facing Zbyszko, Gilbert & Steiner at...

After a hard-fought match, the Stinger stops by to talk with Tony Schiavone about his six-man, tag team match at Chi-Town Rumble

KAYFABE THEATER: The Horsemen go back to ‘Basic Training’

1991 - A video showing Barry Windham and Arn Anderson using some old school training methods in their quest to win the World Tag Team titles from Doom

KAYFABE THEATER: Arn Anderson & Ric Flair talk about being ‘The...

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson give an interview to Tony Schiavone, and talk trash about the Rock 'n' Roll Express. Dusty Rhodes, and The Road Warriors

KAYFABE THEATER: The Horsemen jump Luger when he gets out of...

Heading into the 1988 Great American Bash, Lex Luger has a shot at the NWA World title, but he gets attacked by Ric Flair and the Horsemen in a parking lot

KAYFABE THEATER: ‘MulkeyMania’ runs wild against The Gladiators

The beloved preliminary team of Randy and Bill Mulkey pull off the biggest upset win of their careers, when they get a television victory over the the masked duo of The Gladiators

KAYFABE THEATER: Arn Anderson challenges Wahoo McDaniel for the Southern Heavyweight...

Wahoo McDaniel is supposed to defend the Southern Heavyweight title against The Barbarian, but since he isn't there, Arn Anderson challenges instead

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… DEC 8th: Turning up the Heat...

Harlem Heat wins the first of 10 WCW World tag team titles by defeating Marcus Alexander Bagwell and The Patriot (Stars & Stripes) in Atlanta

KAYFABE THEATER: The Four Horsemen cut ties with Ole Anderson

An original member of the faction leaves the group... the HARD WAY.

KAYFABE THEATER: Slick Ric buys Dusty a First-Class Ticket out of...

Ric Flair runs down a list of all the responsibilites that go along with being The Nature Boy, then hands out a few Christmas gifts

KAYFABE THEATER: Owen Hart debuts in WCW

1991 - Owen Hart wrestles his first match on WCW Saturday Night in one of his rare appearances in the company