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A longtime innovator of wrestling broadcasts, director Dan Bynum takes his four decades of experience to the helm of MLW's new Friday night show, 'Fusion'

KAYFABE THEATER: Teddy Long and Mean Mark Callous Speak!

Before becoming The Undertaker, "Mean Mark" and his manager talk about how The Skyscrapers are going to eliminate The Road Warriors at WCW Wrestle War '90

KAYFABE THEATER: Jim Cornette claims he’s REPULSED by Baby Doll

Baby Doll says that she isn't afraid of Jim Cornette, so the loud-mouthed manager comes out to insult her, until Magnum TA gets involved

KAYFABE THEATER: Gary Hart Introduces The Great Muta

1989 - On World Championship Wrestling Manager Gary Hart introduces The Pearl of the Orient to the NWA, alongside his mentor, Hiro Matsuda

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair interviews Brian Pillman & Steve Austin

1993 - On his "A Flair for the Gold" talk show segment, The Nature Boy sits down to talk with the world tag team champions, the Hollywood Blondes

KAYFABE THEATER: Gordon Solie Interviews The Black Scorpion

Trying to get to the bottom of a wrestling mystery, legendary broadcaster Gordon Solie agrees to do a blindfolded interview with Sting's tormentor

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair wants you to know, He’s now...

The Nature Boy comes out to show Tony Schiavone how he regained the title at Starrcade 1987 from Ron Garvin

KAYFABE THEATER: “WE Want Flair??? I want Flair!”

Terry Funk does an interview with Paul E. Dangerously, and answers the chants of the fans

KAYFABE THEATER: Chillin’ in Vader’s Ice Castle

In this WCW 'mini-movie', Sting travels to a mysterious fortress to confront his rival.


Stars of the NWA, brought to you by Jim Crockett Promotions from this weekend... 32 years ago