Tag: World Championship Wrestling

KAYFABE THEATER: Dillon makes a Deal

JJ Dillon meets with Jim Crockett to work out the terms of a contract for Lex Luger to defend the US title against The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

KAYFABE THEATER: Baby Doll fills in for Jim Cornette

After manager Jim Cornette is injured from his fall in the famed Scaffold match, Baby Doll steps in to manage The Midnight Express against the Road Warriors

KAYFABE THEATER: The Nature Boy is Gunning for Gold in The...

Ric Flair talks about Starrcade 1987: Chi-Town Heat, and tells Ronnie Garvin that he's leaving that night with HIS NWA World Heavyweight title

KAYFABE THEATER: Jim Cornette says Big Bubba Rogers will put Dusty...

The 'Louisville Slugger' screams into the camera, and tells The American Dream that Mama Cornette's hired bodyguard is ready to send him in to retirement

KAYFABE THEATER: The Russians talk about The Great American Bash

The Koloffs reveal that their summer plans include Nikita defeating Magnum TA in a best-of-seven series for the US belt, and winning the six man tag titles

KAYFABE THEATER: Tully Blanchard backhands Johnny Weaver

The Television champion gives the color commentator a 'little slap' after he gets fed up with some of his remarks

KAYFABE THEATER: The Road Warriors fire Paul Ellering

Hawk and Animal have had enough of Precious Paul Ellering, so they fire him, and then attack him, on an episode of World Championship Wrestling

KAYFABE THEATER: Things Heat Up Between the Midnight Express and the...

After regaining the US tag team titles, Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane come face to face with Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson

KAYFABE THEATER: ‘The Measuring Stick for Toughness’

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew are out with the tag team titles, and issue a warning to Thunderbolt Patterson

KAYFABE THEATER: “I’m Not Taking You Home No Matter What You...

Ric Flair talks about facing Dusty Rhodes on Christmas Day, leaves cash on the counter... then returns and tells the women what his holiday plans are